Huge backyard renovation

Excavation is in full swing

But the gazebo is in place ready to be enjoyed when the work day noise is done.

The water has to come from somewhere

In order to keep the water from going stagnant, there needs to be a flow of fresh water available.

Delicately moving 3 tons of limestone

You don’t get to do this without lots of practice!

A lot goes into creating a space like this.

This wonderful project was undertaken by Galay Landscaping to transform what was virtually a field into this incredible living space.

It takes planning, coordination and a whole lot of heavy machinery!

You may not have a field to transform into a pond with gazebo, feature boulders and natural plants, but the same planning and expertise that goes into these large projects goes into every project we undertake!

Enjoy the experience and when it comes time for your outdoor transformation, big or small, you can rely on the experts at Galay Landscaping!