The Landscape Process – Design to Dream Yard

Landscape Design of a backyard

Galay Landscaping

Galay Landscaping has been a premier landscape contractor since 2003. We have created luxurious easy to maintain landscape projects throughout Manitoba and North-West Ontario including the Winnipeg area and Lake of the Woods.


3D model of a landscape design at a cabin with large boulders
Designs and 3D Models allow you to see what your finished yard will look like before construction begins. Click here for some inspiration!

Whether big or small, the success of any project must begin with a solid plan. Landscaping your yard is no different than planning to build a house or renovate your kitchen. The process takes time and should be well thought out.

Why a Design is Important

The landscaping and design process is a team effort involving designers, construction foreman and you, the client. This combination of artistic talent plus highly trained technicians ensures your project:

  • Looks incredible
  • Is planned cohesively and efficiently
  • Is priced with a higher degree of accuracy
  • Is built to last, and
  • Takes important construction details into consideration when you with a Design and Build firm like us
3D model of a landscape design for a cozy sitting area by a front door
Even small jobs benefit from having a design done first. Check out more inspiration here.

The Landscape Process

Take your ideas and turn them into your dream yard by following these steps:

Step 1 – Design Consult. We will meet with you free of charge (depending on location) on-site or virtually to discuss ideas, wants, needs, budget and next steps. After this meeting, we will recommend the type of plan needed and associated cost. Design costs depend on size and complexity of the project.

Step 2 – Site Analysis. A designer will be on-site to take necessary measurements and photos to recreate your site in a 3D CAD model.

Step 3 – Preliminary Design. Based on discussions during the site meeting you will be provided with a preliminary design or plan. Depending upon the options chosen, these plans can vary from 2D basic plans to 3D models that include your house, yard and design from which virtual photos and videos can be taken of your proposed project.

Step 4 – Revisions and Final Design. Several design options and revisions can be made based on your feedback. We strive to get to a design that you are happy with! Estimates are typically derived and presented during steps 3 and 4.

Step 5 – Booking Your Project. Once a design is approved and a deposit is made, construction preparations are made and the project is booked. Landscaping is very weather depend so keep this mind when you book your project. The start of your project could get moved due to good or bad weather.

Step 6 – Construction. Once construction starts our highly trained foreman and technicians will be on-site building your beautiful yard. Don’t be alarmed when your yard looks worse than it did after the first day of construction. Usually to make something better, you have to make a mess first. With your final design in hand you can be confident in knowing the mess on the first day will start coming together to form your dream yard.

Step 7 – Maintain and Enjoy! Check out our Maintenance articles to learn the best ways to keep your new yard looking it’s best. Otherwise sit back, grab a drink and enjoy your dream yard!

3D model of a landscape design of a backyard with a pool, patio and deck

Proper planning takes time. Contact us today to start planning your dream yard!

Contact Galay Landscaping today to get started on planning your dream landscape!

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